Africa Foundation (TR)

Africa Foundation, which is a nongovernmental organization,established in Ankara in 2015, in order to carry out and develop cooperation between Turkey and African countries, politically, socially, economically, and culturally. Africa foundation organizes activities that aim to add a new depth to Turkey-Africa relations. The activities of the organization promote bilateral corporation with African states at the diplomatic, political, economic cultural, security, and civil society level. In this context, Africa Foundation aims to appeal to a wide African audience that includes students residing in Turkey, businessmen, and academics. It supports students who want to have an academic career in Africa and businessmen who want to know more about the continent. Thus, within the framework of it is activities, the Foundation aims to boost cooperation between Turkey and its African counterparts at the local, national, and global levels. Basic education programs for Africa, specialization seminars, thesis presentations, African basic readings, African politics readings with novels, ambassador meetings, workshops, student meetings, African summits evaluation projects, and other programs have been carried out by Africa Foundation since 2018.

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