Project Outputs

IO1- Curriculum Development: IO1 will be developed after a two-step process. In the first step, problems of young migrants (to some extent all migrants) arising in COVID-19 period will be researched and a final report will be written on the necessities of young migrants and young (pre)professionals from different sectors (Health, Education, Justice, Civil Society).

In the second step, a curriculum will be developed for bridging together youth migrants, young professionals, or potential candidates for migrant related jobs.

IO2- E-Learning Platform for Language and Culture: IO2 will be developed according to findings and outcomes of IO1. These platforms will include basic level language teaching for young professionals who are dealing with migrant issues in their country. There will be also another module within this platform which will focus on topics such as cultural diversity and intercultural relations. IO2 will aim to train young professionals with intercultural topics so as to they will be more emphatic and sensitive towards migrants and migration-related topics.

IO3- E-Learning Platform for Sectors: IO3 will be an online platform that aims to train young professionals from different sectors and young migrants reciprocatively. In order to create this platform, the curriculum developed for IO1 and IO2 will be used effectively. The young professional will learn the needs of the migrants from different backgrounds. Besides young migrants will learn to cope with their ongoing problems as well as new skills and abilities to be more integrated induvial of their societies.