The Middle East Foundation (TR)

The Middle East Foundation was established in Ankara in 2015 as an independent and non-profit organization in order to carry out activities related to political, social, cultural, economic and security issues related to the Middle East and to support studies in this field. Our vision, Turkey and Middle East countries between the historical, cultural, social and political sphere to make joint efforts for the development of relations in this field, to bring together researchers and experts with the knowledge and experience needed for the upbringing of the necessary infrastructure in Turkey to prepare. Our aims, with settlement people in Turkey aims to address a wide Middle Eastern audience that includes students and academics, providing support to students who want to have an academic career in Middle Eastern countries and get to know the region and to create a platform that enables the circulation of information by bringing together researchers working on the region. In addition to these, the Middle East Foundation, which organizes panels, symposiums and seminars to support interdisciplinary studies, to provide local, national andglobal levels to contribute and establish cooperation for young and dynamic population of Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries.

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